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skin by: Jane
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 12:27 AM

Allahumma shalli ala Rasulillah saw wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain radhiyaAllahuanhum.

Niyah Does Exists.

Every action comes with a niyah or intention. Niyah comes first before an action is delivered. There must be a reason(s) why a person does/ is doing/did something. This reason(s) is known as niyah or intention. Niyah differs from one person to another. Putting asides the different, the focal point is that ‘Niyah Does Exists’.

Questioning My Own Niyah.
As we know that niyah or intention does exists, it is important for Muslims to question himself/herself of his/her own niyah. Why am I doing this? Why I want to do this? What makes me agree to do this? We have to question our self, to know our own niyah. Before agreeing to do something, it is important to ‘Question My Own Niyah’.

What Is My Next Step?
The next step is to ensure that the niyah is on the right track. With a conscious mind and a conscious heart, a person must ensure that his/her niyah is on the right track.

The Right Track.

Allah’s track. The right track is to have a niyah or intention because of Him and Him alone. There is no other besides Allah. To do something because to gain His Redha and to get closer to Allah. A niyah must return and get back to Allah. A niyah must has a link to Allah. A niyah must come back to Him. Everthing needs to be link to Allah. There is nothing that is being separated from Him. Everything is for Allah and goes back to Him.
Inna lillaHi wa inna ilaHi raji’un. To Him we belong, and to Him we shall return.

Renewing Niyah.
Muslims, who prays five times a day, always renew his/her intention in front of Allah. Whether we recognize it or not, the doa ‘inna shalati wa nusuki wa mahyaya wa mamati LILLAHI RABBIL ‘ALAMIN’, actually renew our niyah again and again. ‘Verily, my prayers, my rezk, my life and my death is for Allah, Rabb of the Universe’. Therefore, every time we recite the above verse, we have to consciously realize and know that we are actually renewing our niyah in front of Allah. Everything is for Him and returned to Him. No one else besides Him.
Therefore, renewing niyah is vital for every Muslims, each and every second of his life. Sometimes we do it for Allah, and most of the time, we do it because of something else besides Him. So, the safest way for us is to each and every second, renew our niyah because of Allah and ask His guidance to make our niyah ikhlas because of Him. May Allah, who knows us better than we ourselves do, guide us always and make our inner being ikhlas because of Him and only Him alone. Amin… Oh Allah, look upon us with Your Mercy and Compassion, as we are Your servants who act as if we are the masters, yet we are not, Ya Rabb.

Key words: Conscious and Consistent (Istiqaamah)
Conscious and Consistent in renewing our niyah are the key words that need to be practiced in every day life. Conscious refers to a person who renew his niyah with ihsan, as the Prophet shalla Allahu ‘alahi wa sallam says,
‘An ta’buda Allah kaannaka tarahu, fain lam yakun tarahu, fainnaHu yaraka.
Ihsan is you worship Allah as if you see Him, if you cant see Him, then (believe it) that He sees you.

This is to show that in every action and in every word and in every movement, in every seconds, Allah swt is seeing you, with you, know what you are doing, thinking, listening and it is important for us to know and feel His existence. Same goes to renewing our niyah, we have to renew our niyah with a conscious mind and of course, a conscious heart, and with hope and doa that Allah swt will forgive us for forgetting Him in doing something.
Consistent needs to be done as well. We have to consistently renew our niyah in every action taken.


May Allah, The One who know the sinful me make us ikhlas in our everyday life because of Him. Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, do guide us always. Please look upon us with Your Mercy. If all this while, we are not on Your track, we seek You to make us return to Your track, under Your Redha and Rahmah. Ya Rabb, we are Your servants who zalim upon ourselves. Please forgive us. Guide us..Ya Wadud..The Most Loving..Amin.

i look, i look, i look i see,
i see the world of beauty, i touch, i touch, i touch, i feel, i feel the world around so real, and everything i do, i dedicate to You, cause You made me, i am for You,

Yusuf Islam