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skin by: Jane
Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 6:30 PM

The Miracles of Allah's Creation

Have you ever wondered why each and every one of Allah's creations are created so? Truly Allah has his reasons for doing so, and we as humans can only perceived the answers but the real answer lies within Him...

Behind every creation, there lies a hikmah. It may not be revealed now, but as Muslims, we are encouraged to believe so. Hikmah refers to something good that can be derived by an individual from a situation or circumstance that he or she may feel awkward with, or benefits that can be of use and good to the humankind.

Let's look at the creation of insects. We may not put great importance to these beings, but insects actually "dominate" our lives. In fact, insects were among the first creatures to occupy the land. Therefore they created the basis for the land ecosystem. If these insects were to disappear, we humans will eventually disappear too. But should humans become extinct, these small creatures can survive - even without us.

Just look at the numbers of a colony of ants. There might be millions of them in the anthill, but we never put great emphasis on them. Our reason may be that they are minute that their presence is not felt at all..

But just imagine if the ants gather together, they are strong...and one of the qualities of ants is that they help one another out at all times and especially in times of adversities... Ants are also powerful. Its small size does not matter as an ant can carry heavy loads. This is proven. An army of carpenter ants can carry termites their own size with their mouth. Subhanallah, that's amazing.

In this matter, we can derive good qualities of the ants for our learning. Being an individual in a community, and especially a complex society such as today, we can learn to tolerate with people with different customs and experiences in our life, being it at personal level or at a group level.

Insects are created small for a reason. Writer, for one, believes that Allah created them so because if we look closely at the anatomy of insects, they are actually more gruesome looking that some of the wild animals exist today. The anatomy of insects are so complex, some of them are considered to be the pioneers of the modern technology today.

For example, the dragonfly is the basis for the invention of helicopters. Helicopters of the past were considered primitive in relation to dragonflies, yet helicopters only existed in the 1500's while dragonflies existed million of years ago.

This is truly Allah's work. Allah being the Most Knowledgeable, have created these insects to help humans in their daily life. As Muslims, when we realised this, we should thank Allah for the knowledge given... if Allah decides not to share his knowledge, we might just still live life the primitive way.

There a lot more to be discussed, but the emphasis is on insects for now. Writer welcomes any feedback from viewers. Wallahu a'lam...